Nigel Moore on the Tech Tribe, Community, Culture, and More

SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
Nigel Moore on the Tech Tribe, Community, Culture, and More
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This SMB Community Podcast features Nigel Moore from The Tech Tribe. Topics include his community, crazy selling prices for MSPs, and a great discussion about building culture within your IT business.

I always enjoy talking to Nigel. I met him just over ten years ago and am happy to still be doing things together. Of course a person can only take so many trips across the ocean in a year, so we do most of our collaboration online.

In this interview, we talk about our respective communities (The Tech Tribe for Nigel and Small Biz Thoughts Community for me). After that, we talk about several aspects of selling a business and the crazy valuations we’re seeing for MSP businesses in the U.S. At last we get to the topic we were scheduled to talk about: Building culture in your business.

The rambling and spontaneous nature of this interview is exactly why I love working with Nigel. He’s super smart and talented. He’s one of those few “coaches” who can speak on any topic and give some great advice off the cuff.

NOTE: At the very end, we tease an event we’re putting together for a few folks in Melbourne at the end of October. Tune in to the emerging details at


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This interview is 30 minutes.

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