Meet Rob Boles – MSSP

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I caught up with Rob Boles from Blokworx for a chat on Modern Security challenges.

In 2006, Rob created BLOKWORX to further his passion for creating fast, secure networks that provide clients peace of mind. BLOKWORX is focused on security, reliability, and positive user experience. They manage, monitor, and maintain thousands of nodes, all supported by a mature delivery model built from years of experience.

Today there are over 2000 cybersecurity technology companies constantly innovating, and IT leaders are still sifting and sorting assembling the combination that “works”.

Now BLOKWORX is helping other MSPs improve their security services. Give his interview a listen and see if they might be able to help you.

Links Mentioned:

Web Site:  https://www.blokworx.com/

Offer: for the SMB Community

Up to 50 licenses for 30 days – AT NO COST

20% discount on all licenses for all new partners that respond by August 15th using discount code KARL ROCKS.

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Check out the interview here:

This interview is 30 minutes.



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