Ramey Bell: Improve Your Online Reviews – Automatically

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I interviewed Ramey Bell from Tech Reputationwww.techreputation.com. Tech Reputation automates the process of getting reviews posted on the major review sites. They also have a process to alert you to potentially bad reviews and help you intercept those reviews so you can potentially turn them around.

Tech Reputation was founded in 2017 by Ramey Bell, an IT professional with over twenty years of experience in marketing. Ramey has owned and operated a computer repair shop in Oak Harbor, Washington for the last six years, using those marketing skills to grow his business. He found that having an automated system in place to capture positive reviews led to improved word-of-mouth referrals and increased revenue.

Fully understanding the time limitations all IT owners face, he decided to offer an automated service and marketing system that enables owners to quickly understand their current reputation and manage all of it from a single place.

Google pays attention to about fifty sites that publish reviews. Tech Reputation automates the process of getting positive reviews from your clients.

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Web Site: www.techreputation.com


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This interview is 30 minutes.

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