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Nigel Moore - Building Community for MSPs
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I had a great interview with Nigel Moore from My Technology Business (The Tech Tribe).

Nigel Moore

Nigel joins us from an hour north of Sydney, Australia. He tells us the story of how he sold his managed service business AND maximized the price by creating standardized processes. Great line from this interview: When you move the sale from simply acquiring clients to a strategic buy, then the prices goes way up!

Last year Nigel launched the “Tech Tribe” community – officially My Technology Business. His community provides a wide variety of resources, including video trainings and downloadable templates. In this interview, Nigel walks through one of his favorite forms – a client screening to determine whether or not it’s worthwhile to take on a client.

. . . Plus stories and a lot more. Enjoy!


Links Mentioned:

Web Sitewww.mytechnologybusines.com

Membership Info: www.thetechtribe.com

Special Offer: www.thetechtribe.com/karl – including a speed coaching call!


Check out the interview here:

YouTube video

This interview is 30 minutes.

Listen to the Podcast




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