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Michael Siggins – What’s New at ChannelPro?

SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
Michael Siggins - What's New at ChannelPro?
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I caught up with Michael Siggins, founder and Publisher of ChannelPro Magazine. In addition to covering a bit of the history of ChannelPro magazine, Michael gives us some great information about the ChannelPro events and other resources.

Two cool topics we touched on include the State of the Channel research that was recently released (see link below) and the new IoT Playbook (also linked below). One cool stat from the State of the Channel report is that 44% of MSPs are bringing in more revenue than they did in the previous year. Folks are also broadening their scope and making money with security, IoT, and other offerings.

The IoT (Internet of Things) Playbook is a new resource from ChannelPro to help you learn about the Internet of Things and figure out how to profit from IoT. After all, $1.4 Trillion is expected to be spent on IoT. That’s so big, it can’t all be in the enterprise. There’s plenty of money in the SMB space: How will you get your share?

Side Note: I am doing a three out event before the ChannelPro SMB Forums. I’m bringing my SMB Roadshow to the ChannelPro pre-day. Check out the ChannelPro links below or visit www.smbroadshow.com.


Links Mentioned:

Web Sitewww.channelpronetwork.com

ChannelPro Events – www.ChannelProForum.com

2018 State of The Channel Research – www.channelpronetwork.com/article/2018-state-channel-survey-stepping-toward-future-it

IoT Playbookwww.iotplaybook.com

Other great publications from EH Media, the publisher of ChannelPro:


Check out the interview here:

YouTube video


This interview is 30 minutes.

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