Interview: Herman Pool / Vertical Axion

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If you’ve attended an ASCII Success Summit in the last few years, I’m sure you’ve run into Herman Pool from Vertical Axion (www.verticalaxion.com).

If you haven’t attended an ASCII Sucdess Success Summit – You Should! Visit asciievents.com for more info.

Vertical Axion helps Managed Service Providers with a variety of marketing programs, including building customized web sites. They also provide syndicated content for your web site – and promote those posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. They also help with SEO. In this interview, Herman talks about some of the pitfalls small businesses find with SEO.

Herman also has a great book called One Hour Marketing. I’ve linked to his site so you can find out more.

Best advice snippet: Don’t build your Internet presence on Facebook!! That’s like building on rented land. :-O


Links Mentioned:

Web Site:  www.verticalaxion.com

Herman’s Personal Web Site: www.hermanpool.com


Check out the interview here:


This interview is 30 minutes.

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