Josh Peterson – Managed Services in a Month Peer Groups!

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Josh Peterson - Managed Services in a Month Peer Groups!
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My friend and one-time business coach Josh Peterson  has agreed to run a new set of Peer Teams – based on the “Managed Services in a Month” approach to managed services.

I hope you’re not too surprised to learn that Josh and I have very similar ideas about most things. Many of you have seen Josh speak at conferences or taken his classes from Bering McKinley or over at Great Little Seminar.

This 30 minute interview covers the concept of Peer Teams, “opening your numbers,” and business improvement generally.

Learn about what makes these groups Managed Services in a Month Peer Teams vs. any other peer group. What would an entire year of working on this philosophy look like?

NOTE: Josh and I have also scheduled a Live webinar on January 17th to answer all your questions about the Managed Services in a Month Peer Teams. Register for that here: Live Q&A Webinar Registration.


Stuff Mentioned:

Bering McKinley web site:

Bering McKinley Big Game Sales and Service Retreat:
— Use code Karl777 to get the discount mentioned in the call!

Live Q&A Webinar January 17th:

Note: I also interviewed Josh about peer teams back in August. See that podcast here.


Find out more and sign up for MSIAM Peer Teams Here.


Josh Stuff:

Bering McKinley is a Management Consulting firm specializing in IT Solution Providers. They have over ten years experience in consulting owners and staff of IT Firms. They proudly provide Blue Chip consulting to small business. Since they only focus on one industry, they have in-depth expertise in all three business units: Sales, Service, and Finance.

Josh Peterson has more than 14 years of management consulting experience.  He has run Bering McKinley for five years, focusing very heavily on the most important challenges facing managed service providers.

Josh is also very active as a Peer Team leader. Bering McKinley Peer Teams focus on accountability and constant improvement. He has helped over a thousand companies move to a higher level of success.


Check out the interview here:

Watch the video podcast:

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This interview is 30 minutes.

Listen to the Podcast.




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