James Kernan on Sales Coaching – and More!

SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
James Kernan on Sales Coaching - and More!
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In this SMB Community Podcast, we talk to James Kernan of Kernan Consulting about selling managed services. James is a sales coach and the author of the 36 Month Millionaire program.

I got an email a few weeks ago from someone looking to hire a sales person. I answered that email – but immediately thought about James. What advice would James give to a sole proprietor who is looking to hire a sale person?

So I scheduled a call with James and asked him what advice he has.

In case you haven’t heard of James, trust me: He knows what he’s talking about. He has built a few businesses. In fact, he bought one business that was selling about $300,000 per year and grew it to $12,000,000 in thirty-six months. Hence the 36 Month Millionaire program that he developed for Robin Robins.

This is a very educational interview. James gives a ton of great advice. And, as you’ll see, he has great business advice in addition to sales advice.


Stuff Mentioned:

Web Site: www.KernanConsulting.com

Phone: 888-Var-Coach


Check out the interview here:

Watch the video podcast:

YouTube video

This interview is 30 minutes.

Listen to the Podcast.




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