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Josh Peterson from Bering McKinley on Peer Teams

SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
Josh Peterson from Bering McKinley on Peer Teams
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Josh Peterson has been a friend and mentor to me for many years. I am happy to interview him about his company and what he’s up to.

Josh is the co-founder Bering McKinley, a consulting firm for MSP’s and IT Solution Providers. He has been in the IT Solution Provider arena for the last 15 years. First as an owner, then as a management consultant with Taylor Business Group for 8 years, and now as founder of Bering McKinley.

Additionally Josh is a maniac for strong financial accounting practices being followed at business of all sizes. He believes, as Peter Drucker did: “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Josh has a deep respect for anyone who has the nerve to start their own business but also believes that only gets you so far. Sooner or later you have to take accountability for your business and perform at extraordinary levels to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

In this interview, Josh talks about the Bering McKinley Peer Teams. Note – that’s not groups. Listen and find out why. 🙂

Web site: www.beringmckinley.com


Check out the interview here:

This interview is 30 minutes.

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