EH Media Announces MSP Kickstart – 6 Week Course

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SMB Community Podcast
EH Media Announces MSP Kickstart - 6 Week Course
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Mark Smith
 is the Executive VP of EH Media, publisher of ChannelPro magazine, as well as CEPro, Commercial Integrator, Security Sales and Integration. In a former life, Mark founded Windows NT magazine.

As I’ve mentioned in several settings, I’m a big believer that all the really fast-moving technologies are merging and adding TCP/IP into their offering. The key to success, of course, is to add recurring revenue and become a managed service provider.

In addition to some great stories from the past, we also cover the challenges of making money in the years ahead in all areas of technology service. EH Media has created a program to train everyone who’s interested in technology service in the secrets of recurring revenue and managed services.

The program is call RPM: Recurring Profits Mastery.

Starting May 17th, I’ll be teaching a new course on how to create your managed service offerings and go from “zero” to 100% managed services. It’s called MSP Kickstart and it’s a detailed 6-week online course.

The price is only $997.

But I requested a limited time discount! Check out the details at http://ehimpact.co/order-kickstart.

Then enter code kpkickstart to save $202. That makes your final price $795!

You literally need ONE new client to pay for the whole course.

Here’s what you get:

Week 1: Adopt the MSP Mindset so you can position your company to take advantage of the cloud service opportunity

Week 2: Create a Profitable Offer so you can focus your efforts on the clients that will most likely buy your new offer and generate the fastest profits

Week 3: Service Agreements. You’ll create the 3 key agreements so you can start selling your new profitable offer.

Week 4: Client Meetings. You’ll be scheduling client meetings and learning what to do before, during and after the meetings so you can sell benefits, overcome objections and get signed agreements.

Week 5: Tools. You’ll learn the right tools, checklists and processes so you can start running your managed service business after you’ve made a sale.

Week 6: Generating Leads. You’ll learn how to use the 68-point checklist strategy to schedule “free network checkup” sessions so you can CONVERT those free network checkup LEADS into new clients.


Note: This is NOT the Cloud Five-Pack training. Go see SMBRoadshow for that. There is almost zero overlap between this course and the Cloud Five-Pack training.


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