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SMB Nation Partners for Success

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Final report from SMB Nation 2015.

My guests here are Patrick Houston from Biz Tech Xperts and Rich Maddalena from LogicTree IT.

Patrick Houston
Patrick Houston

Patrick Houston is the co-founder and editor at Biz Tech Xperts (see www.biztechxperts.com) – Note: Not experts – xperts.

BizTechXperts.com is a site for end user clients to come and ask questions. The site pairs you up with people looking for answers. You can then answer their questions and begin to build a relationship. The match-up gives you a warm lead because you are helping them answer a question. Now you’re “known” expert who can help them at a deeper level.

Patrick talks about using the system to position yourself as an expert and for focusing on a niche market. There is no cost to you as the expert.


Finally, I talked to Rich Maddalena from LogicTreeIT.com about their Two Vie Hub product. Two Vie Hub is a mobile app platform that gives users the ability to customize the look, feel, and content of applications very easily.

Rich Maddalena
Rich Maddalena

As Rich mentions, it only took about four hours to take the customizable app and generate the SMB Nation conference-specific app. You can check it out by going to your app store and searching for SMB Nation.

Vertical markets, including cities, restaurants, schools, and of course conferences. Home owners associations is a very strong vertical market for them already.

At this event, Rich is looking for channel partners who are interested in making money by selling customized apps. Rich has some great tips on how to make apps usable and valuable so that people actually open them. If you’re interested in a free trial – as well as advice on designing and selling apps – contact Rich.

You can sign up as a reseller by calling Rich at 916-676-7335.

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