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SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
Value Selling and More from ChannelPro SMB Forum
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I love the ChannelPro SMB Forums. There’s always something new and different going on. Even the panels change from city to city.

Here’s a quick report from the ChannelPro SMB Forum in Chicago last week. You can still sign up for the last show of the year – November 3rd in New York / New Jersey. See for more details.


In this podcast, I interview Erick Simpson and Todd Haugland.


Erick Simpson

Erick Simpson is the VP and CIO, of SPC International – see

Erick was one of the panel members on Cloud Services and bundling. He also made a presentation on “Value Pricing.” I asked what that is and Erick explained. Instead of taking costs plus x%, value pricing focuses on identifying the client’s pain and pricing services with client pain relief in mind.

Note that this is a different kind of sales process, and is focused on clients who approach technology from a strategi perspective. Luckily, Erick is convinced that anyone can learn this process.

For more information, see SPC, International at


Todd Hauglund is the Lead Sales Engineer for MAXfocus by LogicNow.

Todd Haugland

Todd presented an in-depth Preday training called the “MAXfocus Remote Management Academy Classroom Training Day.” As you can hear in the interview, I gave him some grief for that title. Todd tells us something about that training, which he’ll be repeating in New York in November.

But more importantly, Todd wanted to talk about the big MAX 2015 U.S. conference that’s coming up Tues-Thurs in Washington, DC. The conference is September 9-11.

The conference will have Five tracks – and Todd is presenting an entire track by himself! Other tracks include technology, business, vendors, and sales.

MAX will be making some big announcements about new features as well as filling in some details about announcements that have recently been made. Last week then released new pricing to customers and announced that they will be switching to Bitdefender for anti-virus.

Because I saw the announcements in Australia, I know the biggest announcements that will be made a few days from now. – And I’ll report those right here. So subscribe to the SMB Community Podcast and don’t miss the news!

MAX currently has more than 12,000+ partners. Todd says they are very close to 13,000. Growth has been spectacular.

Find out more about MAX at

Find out about the conference at

… And follow the MAX IQ blog at


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