Marketing, Sales, and Great Reports – More Interviews from MAX 2015

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Back at the vendor hall . . . I talked to four folks about taking your business to the next level. Two of them are directly in sales and marketing (helping you with S&M), one who helps you generate reports to make more sales, and an industry organization you should absolutely be involved with.


Ken Goldstein is with Choice Technologies. They are an MSP with a successful sales process – and they’re willing to help you increase your sales. They have developed an assessment system to help you analyze prospect networks and develop a sales proposal based on the findings. Find out more at www.choicetech.com.


Matthew Koenig is with RapidFire Tools. RapidFire Tools provides network auditing reports that are both big and beautiful. Here Matthew talks about the compliance assessments you can run with RapidFire Tools. This includes PCI, HIPAA, and general security. More info at www.rapidfiretools.com.

Karl and Raj
Karl and Raj


Raj Khera is with Presstacular. They help you automate getting out a newsletter every week, or month. They provide articles that are “news” as well as just good advice.

Most small MSPs don’t have a marketing department. Presstacular provides professionally written technology articles that you can add to your newsletters, blog posts, etc. Best of all, you can edit and customize these articles to fit your needs.

More info at www.presstacular.com.


Susan Kostbar is a Senior Manager at CompTIA. You probably know CompTIA from the A+ and other certifications.

The CompTIA Lounge
The CompTIA Lounge


One of the fun things CompTIA did is to set up a lounge in the vendor hall so that attendees could relax and recharge. In fact, they had a recharge station where folks could plug in their phones, tablets, etc. to literally recharge them.

I talked to Susan about the training programs at CompTIA as well as their community and advocacy efforts on behalf of the computer industry. More info can be found at www.comptia.org.


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