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Joe Panettieri Spills the Beans on #E2E – Almost

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I always love working with Joe Panettieri. He’s a very smart guy, very fun to talk to, and totally tuned into the channel.So I had to grab him for a quick podcast when I saw him in DC this week.

Joe Penettieri at MAX
Joe Penettieri at MAX

Joe and his partner Amy Katz run After Nines, Inc., a consulting company. And they’ve been working on a new project. In fact, they’re going to announce it and launch in a few days. I knew Joe wouldn’t give me the full scoop, but I got some hints.

Joe’s using the hashtag #E2E so you can look for that on Twitter, etc.

The official announcement is Tuesday, September 15th.

In the meantime, here’s a teaser podcast.


Check out the After Nines Blog at http://www.afternines.com/news/

And follow Joe on Twitter at https://twitter.com/joepanettieri


UPDATE: The Site is Now Live

Visit my Small Biz Thoughts blog for the details:

ChannelE2E Launch Promised to Walk You to The Exit

and the new adventure is . . . Channel e2ehttps://www.channele2e.com


Listen Now:

Listen to the Podcast.



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