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Network Detective and ASCII Down Under

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While I was down under at the MAXfocus partner conference in Melbourne, Australia, I talked to a couple of the sponsors in the back of the room.

Mark Winter
Mark Winter

Mark Winter from Rapid Fire Tools was promoting their Network Detective product. Rapid Fire Tools (www.rapidfiretools.com) already has a presence in Australia. Mark was here to meet partners as well as sign up some new partners.

In this interview we discuss HIPAA equivalent issues in Australia as well as the global PCI standards. Mark also had some good conversations with distributors in Australia. So things are looking great for them!

Contact info:

[email protected]

Web – www.rapidfiretools.com

Phone – +1 678-323-1300



Jerry Koutavas
Jerry Koutavas

I’m always happy to run into Jerry Koutavas – even when I’m not expecting it.

Jerry and the ASCII Group were in Melbourne to support MAX as well as test the waters with regard to expansion of ASCII into Australia. Of course I used the opportunity to probe about specific programs they might be offering. I’ve always loved the ASCII Group and think the folks down under will be well serviced by them!

Jerry gave a wonderful presentation about using publicly available tools to dig into prospective clients. He used a local business owner he found on LinkedIn as his example. It was quite amazing how much information Jerry could dig up in a very short time span.

Here in the U.S., ASCII is preparing for their bill “ASCII CUP” competition and end-of-year conference in October in Irvine, CA. I will be speaking there, so check it out – and join us if you can!

Find out more about the ASCII SMB Success Summits and the Fall conference at http://www.asciievents.com/.



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