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MAX on Big Data
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While I was in Australia for the MAXfocus Partner Conference, I was quite impressed with their plans to data mine their own tools.

Dave Sobel

I caught up with Dave Sobel, Director of Partner Community for LogicNow (MAXfocus). Dave’s team is responsible for the MAX partner conferences and they did a great job with this one.

I asked Dave about the whole “Big Data” initiative at MAX. He was very excited about the possibilities. As he says in the interview, MAX has billions of data points to analyze, not just from how their tools are used, but for end-user computer systems as well.

Dave gives some hints about the big announcements coming from MAX at the U.S. Conference next month. He also brags up his team in Australia.



Dana Bullister


Next I talked to Dana Bullister, a Data Scientist for LogicNow. Of course I thought they had one. She assures me that they have a whole team of Data Scientists (isn’t that a cool title?).

Dana talked about how the data are gathered and used. She makes the point that the concept of “best practices” takes a different angle when you look at how hundreds of thousands of machines are configured and maintained. With almost 20,000 partners, LogicNow supports an amazing array of end-points.

One of the coolest concepts they’re working on is predictive failure of equipment. When you can isolate all the servers with a specific motherboard or hard drive, and you see problems across thousands (or tens or hundreds of thousands) of machines, it becomes possible to assign probabilities that a given component or system will fail. The Data Folks at LogicNow are working to make that service possible.



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