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Dave Seibert: Use the Community as a Resource!

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Dave Seibert joins me for a look at tapping into Community Knowledge.

Dave Seibert
Dave Seibert

This conversation flows from a presentation I saw Dave give in Anaheim last year at the SMB Techfest (www.smbtechfest.com). In fact, I liked the presentation so much that I asked Dave to create a new version for the SMB Online Conference.

There are people “talk” community and there are people who “do” community. Dave does community ALL THE TIME! He was just named as one of ChannelPro SMB’s top 20/20 visionaries. And that’s the tip of the iceberg after his recognition as a Microsoft MVP, SMB 150 honoree, MSP 250, VP of the So Cal IAMCP chapter, a major player in the SMBTN, and so much more.

WHY does Dave participate in all those things and more? Because he totally understands the value of participating in the community.

In this podcast Dave talks about how he garners knowledge on new topics and challenges as an IT professional by engaging in conversations at various SMB channel events. Then he gives some notes from his upcoming presentation. In all, he sprinkles in great advice and perspective from someone who is a great example for the rest of us!


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