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Robin Robins: The Way You Do Anything is the Way You Do Everything

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Last week we had a report from Robin Robins’ Big Seminarwww.robinsbigseminar.com. This is the second report on that event – featuring an interview with Robin herself on why this event is different from other events in the community.

In this podcast, I interview four folks: Nadia Karatsoreos from MAXfocus, Stephen Swavley from Documentation Toolkit, Rob Rae from Datto, and Robin Robins from Technology Marketing Toolkit. The first three are vendors. As you know, I love vendors because the pay the bills at these events. They literally make it possible for us to have channel-related events.


Nadia Karatsoreos
Nadia Karatsoreos – MAXfocus

Nadia Karatsoreos – http://conferences.maxfocus.comwww.maxfocus.comhttp://youtube.com/maxfocus


Stephen Swavley
Stephen Swavley – Documentation Toolkit

Stephen Swavley – www.doctoolkit.com


Rob Rae and Robin Robins
Rob Rae and Robin Robins

Rob Rae from Datto with Robin

www.Datto.com[email protected]


Special Musical note . . . Music for this episode courtesy of Holland Marie . . . www.hollandmarie.com

Holland Marie
Holland Marie

Used with permission of the artist.


Listen to all four interviews and my commentary here:

Listen to the Podcast.






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