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Third Tier Micro-Staffing and More

SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
Third Tier Micro-Staffing and More
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Third TierJust in case you haven’t heard of Third Tier . . .

Third Tier (www.thirdtier.netprovides services for technology consultants. They provide education and assistance on a wide variety of topics.

I caught up with Amy Babinchak a few days ago to find out what new and cool. It turns out there’s LOTS of great news from Third Tier. Their SMB Kitchen project is going strong – with a new program coming soon.

Click Here to Listen to My Podcast with Amy

One of their cool new programs is call Look, a Whale. The program is designed to help you with major problems, major projects, and taking on new Whale-Size clients. My brother Manuel is the new whale tamer at Third Tier. (I wish I had that on my resume.)

Another cool program features our long-time friend Rayanne Buchianico, helping people get their finances set up properly for running an efficient technology consulting business. That program is called Tech Your Books. I’ve worked with Rayanne personally for a long time and think she provides an amazing service. Check it out.

Amy Babinchak The original reason I asked Amy for an interview was her new Micro-Staffing program. Third Tier is ramping up to provide top-level technicians for your “team” on an ongoing basis with very little commitment. Think about that: A genius-level technician at your disposal. You get their cell phone and can have them do a variety of tasks as members of your company’s tech support department. Very cool.

Check out the podcast to hear all the details.


Note: After we recorded this podcast, but before I could post it, I had an urgent need for assistance. I called on Third Tier and Mr. Philip Elder came to the rescue. It was a great experience, and I posted some details about it on my Small Biz Thoughts blog.


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