Datto’s Continuity & an ASCII Scoop

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ASCIIIn the October 21st Odd Tuesdays episode Datto’s Rob Rae, joins the show to discuss continuity as a viable solution for small business. Karl and Rob also discuss the future of hybrid cloud solutions and data storage issues, particularly in relation to storage across country lines.

This episode also features an interview with ASCII’s Jerry Koutavas who has tremendous things to report on how well their ASCII forums are doing. He says they regularly have around 2,500 messages a month between MSPs of varying sizes and says the community has become invaluable to many MSPs.

The Oddballs segment welcomes back Oddball Manuel Palachuk who offers tips on avoiding communication gaps within our MSP businesses and in external communications with clients.

You can find the Oct 21st Odd Tuesdays episode here.

Listen through to the end of this episode for a special show coupon to access a discount to Karl’s down under tour!

The SMBRoadshow 2014 is heading to Australia and New Zealand in November!!

SMB Roadshow


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