Molding Your First Employee & Keeping Techs Motivated

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Josh PetersonOn our April 1 episode, Josh Peterson, Co-founder of Bering McKinley and a keynote at this year’s annual SMB Online Conference, joins Karl to discuss tech hiring tips. Josh advises MSP business owners to learn how to “right size” your personnel – a concept involving not targeting MCSCs or the top-level techs for your business, but rather aiming for entry-level techs that you craft into great engineers.

Josh concludes his interview with Karl by extending a special offer for Odd Tuesdays listeners.

Amy BabinchakAmy Babinchack, owner of Harbor Computer Services, returns in our Oddballs segment. Amy talks about how to create job satisfaction with your techs in some creative & non-traditional ways.


You can find the April 1 Odd Tuesdays episode here.

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