Introduction to 3D Printing

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Introduction to 3D Printing
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3D Printing – An Interview with Alan Ware


Sacramento has a great organization called Hacker Lab – part hacker space, part maker space, and part co-working space. I joined last year and plan to cover a number of subjects related to the things they do there. This includes programming, Arduino, robotics, 3D printing, and more.

This is an interview with Alan M. Ware, B.S.M.E.

Alan is a 3D design and manufacturing engineer. He teaches the 3D Printing class at Hacker Lab. I took the class and then asked him for a quick interview.

Recorded February 2014


I also recorded some videos.

One is already posted. The other one needs some production. The first video is here:

Hacker Lab is open to everyone. It’s a great place to learn and to prototype your ideas. Find out more at Hacker Lab is located at 1715 I Street, Sacramento, CA.

Alan also mentioned “The Design Spot” at the Arcade public library – 2443 Marconi Ave., Sacramento, CA. They have computers with PhotoShop, AutoCAD, and other software as well as 3D printers that anyone can use.

Alan’s web site – – has a number of great links for anyone interested in finding out more about 3D printing, the software used, and some of the hardware options. (He promised he’d tune it up after the video comes out.)



 – Download the Interview with Alan Ware on 3D Printing here.

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