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Autotask Live Report: Spam Soap “Click Protect” Offered Free of Charge

SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
Autotask Live Report: Spam Soap "Click Protect" Offered Free of Charge
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Spam Soap’s “Click Protect” Scans Attachments When they Download


Len Dimiceli from Spam Soap talked to me at Autotask Community Live in Phoenix about the latest and greatest news from Spam Soap.

Len Dimiceli Spam Soap


The latest service from Spam Soap is called Click Protect.  Click Protect scans attachments. But more than that, it always scans the attachment before it’s opened. So if an attachment’s reputation has gone bad, it will not open.

There is no additional charge for this feature. Existing partners will need to turn on the feature. New partners will receive it turned on automatically.

Len gives us some details of the Spam Soap partner program, sign-up costs, etc. He also talks about the nature of partners at the Autotask conference versus some of the other conferences out there.

For more information on Spam Soap, visit www.spamsoap.com.

ListenNowGuy – Download the Interview with Len Dimiceli from Spam Soap  here.



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