Autotask Live Report: Reflexion Pumps Up Automatic Email Encryption for HIPAA

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Karen Guarino from Reflexion – Spam Filtering, HIPAA Training, and Automated Email Encryption for HIPAA Compliance



Karen  Guarino is the Channel Support Manager at Reflexion. She talked to us at the Autotask Community Live event about the latest and greatest campaigns from Reflexion. Of course Reflexion does spam filtering, but they have added some cool services that allow partners to more easily serve their medical/HIPAA clients.

Karen Guarino


In addition to spam filtering, Reflexion offers training on a few topics. The one I’ve been involved in is their HIPAA certification training.


In addition to that, Reflexion has a cool email encryption service that scans outbound emails and encrypts them if they meet certain criteria. For example, if it detects a Social Security  (not allowed to be emailed under the HIPAA HiTech Act), it automatically encrypts the email.


For more information on Reflexion, visit www.reflexion.net.


For more information on Reflextion training programs, visit www.reflexiontraining.net.


ListenNowGuy – Download the Interview with Karen Guarino from Reflexion  here.


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