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HIPAA Training: Good For You; Good For Your Clients!

SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
HIPAA Training: Good For You; Good For Your Clients!
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A few people have been talking about the new HIPAA training from Reflexion. In my brain, Reflexion = Spam Filtering. So how do you get from there to HIPAA training and certification? So I called Scott Barlow, VP of Sales and Marketing at Reflexion.

HIPAA Training from Reflexion
HIPAA Training from Reflexion

Scott ended up giving me a great education on HIPAA requirements, the one important “Business Associate Agreement” you need to have, and how you can get certified and resell certification to your clients. Scott tells stories about very small companies being fined due to HIPAA compliance issues – including a 5-physician that was fined $100,000!

Training is very straight forward and very inexpensive. The course has ten sections with quizzes at the end. Then the course as a whole has a 50-question test at the end. It is 100% online and costs only $299! Best take-away is the template you get for your Business Associate Agreement.

If you’re looking for a great additional source of revenue, and you want to work with people in the medical community, please listen to this podcast.

Very informative!

– Download the Interview with Scott Barlow here.

For more information on Reflexion, see www.reflexion.net.

For more information on HIPAA certification, see www.reflexiontraining.net.

For webinar information, email Scott at [email protected].

Scott gives more contact info on the podcast.
Check it out today.


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