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Spam Soap Is Much More than Hosted Spam Filtering.

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Karl with Jenna from Spam Soap
Karl with Jenna from Spam Soap

Jenna Chase is always in a good mood, and she really enjoyed the IT Nation vendor floor this year. We caught up with her on the last day.

Spam Soap is a cloud based email and security provider. Which means cloud-based spam filtering, archiving, encryption, and hosted Exchange services. Of course they’ll filter any email you need filtering, so you don’t have to be hosted with them.

Download the Interview with Jenna Chase from Spam Soap.

For more information on Spam Soap, visit http://spamsoap.com or Call 866-772-6688.


For more information on IT Nation, visit www.TheITNation.com.

For more information on ConnectWise, visit www.ConnectWise.com.




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