PacketTrap and Labtech Together – A Surprisingly Good Combo

SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
PacketTrap and Labtech Together - A Surprisingly Good Combo
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While hanging out in the PacketTrap booth, the talk turned to an interesting product combination that surprised me. Geoff Parker from PacketTrap tells me that a number of partners came by the booth and mentioned that they use these tools together.

Geoff Parker PacketTrapHmmm . . . aren’t they both RMM tools? Well, yes, but they each have some outstanding features that makes them even better in combination.

This is a quick interview but very interesting.

Download the Interview with Geoff Parker from PacketTrap here.

For more information on PacketTrap, visit www.packettrap.com.

For more information on LabTech, visit www.labtechsoftware.com.
For more information on IT Nation, visit www.TheITNation.com.

For more information on ConnectWise, visit www.ConnectWise.com.

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