Larry Walsh: Vendors Sell Direct to Users: “Get Over It”

SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
Larry Walsh: Vendors Sell Direct to Users: "Get Over It"
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I sat down with Larry Walsh, CEO of The 2112 Group at IT Nation.

The 2112 Group is an analyst firm that supports vendors in the solution provider community. They provide “leadership and best practices” for solution providers.

Larry Walsh the 2112 Group
Larry Walsh – The 2112 Group

On the topic of having vendors selling direct versus selling through the channel, Larry says that this has always been true. He explains how you differentiate yourself so the vendors’ practices become irrelevant.

On the question of how vendors can help get the right information to solution providers, he says “The channel is awash in content.” So he is not worried about whether solution providers will have access to information. But he argues that solution providers need to figure out what their business model is going forward. Once they do that, they can get the information they need from their vendors.

Download the Interview with Larry Walsh here.  (17 MB)

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