Kent McNall of Quosal Talks about the LabTech/Quosal/ConnectWise Killer Combo

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While at IT Nation last weekend, I grabbed Kent McNall, CEO of Quosal for a quick interview. This “killer combo” of products is one of the most impressive things I saw over the weekend.

Quosal's booth at IT NationQuosal was one of the highlighted products in Arnie Bellini’s keynote speech. Kent gave us some of the details about how Quosal connects the LabTech RMM to the ConnectWise PSA. We talked in some depth about the “possibility engine” in LabTech that triggers quotes from Quosal.

From little things like the need for RAM, all the way up to creating an automated proposal for replacing an entire server, the LabTech/Quosal combination can help you find opportunities among your clients that you might otherwise miss.

Quosal was written as an open application, so it works nicely with Autotask and other products in addition to ConnectWise. And with the LabTech integration it is very obvious that other RMM tools will want to develop a competing product as well.
Download the Interview with Kent McNall from Quosal here.

For more information on Quosal, visit www.quosal.com.


For more information on IT Nation, visit www.TheITNation.com.

For more information on ConnectWise, visit www.ConnectWise.com.

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