eFolder Adds AppAssure Integration to Their Offerings

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eFolder Adds AppAssure Integration to Their Offerings
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One of the vendors that seems to make every show is eFolder (www.eFolder.net). I talked to Booth Dude Tel Hulsy about the eFolder product and what they’re up to.

eFolder Crew at IT Nation

Ted’s big push is the eFolder/AppAssure combination that allows client systems to be imaged to the eFolder cloud. This gives them on-site data recovery plus cloud-based recovery options.

We also talked a bit about the explosion of data on client sites and how that affects backups. Ted explained a bit about eFolder’s de-duplication feature.

Other topics included . . .

– Why public cloud?

– How does the availability of bandwidth affect recovery?

– Running clients in the virtual environment in the cloud

– The “eFolder Continuity Cloud” Download the Interview with Ted Hulsy from eFolder.

For more information on eFolder, visit http://www.eFolder.net. For more information on IT Nation, visit http://www.TheITNation.com.

For more information on ConnectWise, visit http://www.ConnectWise.com.

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