Continuum Worked Flawlessly During Hurricane Sandy

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Continuum Worked Flawlessly During Hurricane Sandy
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As the IT Nation show was winding down, I talked to some guys from Continuum.

Joe Consolmagno is a Technical Account Manager for the Mid Atlantic Region. Raymond Vrabel is Director of Technical Account Management.

Continuum was at IT Nation to talk to partners about how they integrate with a variety software programs. In addition, they introduce a variety of products.

I asked Joe about the performance of Continuum worked during Hurricane Sandy’s visit to New York and New Jersey. The result was pretty impressive. The combination of Continuum and Datto made response to the disaster fast and easy.

In addition to “Continuum Vault” for disaster recovery, the performance of the cloud-based NOC was excellent. Ray mentioned that during the disaster, about 3,000 virtual servers were spun up in the cloud – many of them in advance of the hurricane just to make sure that companies would have no downtime. Download the Interview with Joe and Ray from Continuum here.

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