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Arnie Bellini Says ConnectWise Goes Way Beyond PSA

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ConnectWise Goes Way Beyond PSA

I had a chance to sit down with Arnie and David Bellini near the end of IT Nation and get some insights into what they’re doing and where the company is going. Arnie Bellini is the CEO of ConnectWise and David is the COO.

Arnie Bellini, Karl Palachuk, David Bellini
Arnie Bellini, Karl Palachuk, David Bellini

As Arnie describes ConnectWise, their mission is to help you run your business better by bringing all of your “Silos of Chaos” into a common interface. Now, in addition to the features built into ConnectWise, they are building strong alliances with other products in order to take integration to a higher level.

Two of the coolest things I saw at the keynote were the “Marketplace” and the “Partner Kits.” You can check out the Marketplace at www.connectwise.com/marketplace. They list all of their all integration partners – about 400 in all. The Partner kits are available at www.connectwise.com/partnerkits and include quick-start kits for sales, helpdesk, human resources, and more.

Arnie is justifiably proud of their success with product integration. One of the coolest things he demonstrated in his keynote was the ability for Labtech to find problems and connect to Quosal so Quosal and automatically generate a sales opportunity in ConnectWise with a draft sales quote. At that point the sales team can fine-tune the quote, collaborate with the tech department, and get the quote out to the client.

And of course Arnie loves the partnership ConnectWise shares with HTG – the Heartland Technology Group. He looks at HTG as the group that’s going to push innovation in the IT support business.

. . . And there’s a lot more covered in this 12 minute interview.

Download the Interview with Arnie Bellini from ConnectWise here.

For more information on IT Nation, visit TheITNation.com.

For more information on ConnectWise, visit ConnectWise.com.


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