Rob Patterson Runs an Amazing IT Pro User Group in New York City

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Rob Patterson talked to me at SMB Nation about his very successful IT Pro group in New York City – the New York Small Business Server Group. He revealed to us the secrets of holding a meeting, plus the Pre-meeting meeting and the Post-meeting meeting.

Rob PattersonThere’s no B.S. here: Rob is one of the great user group leaders out there. His success is possible because he has a large group of people who jump in and make things happen. The group has many unique features, including Michael Klein’s special presentation on news, trends, links, and more. He is a true resource who “does the reading so you don’t have to.”

The New York group has a very strong community. Over 300 members with up to 100 at a meeting (200 when Microsoft has a big event).

If you’re interested in contacting Rob, go to nysbs.net


You can also sign up for their Yahoo Group from that site.

Download the Interview with Rob Patterson Here.



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