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Regina Ciardiello – Report from SMB Nation and News About Jeremiah

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Report from SMB Nation Fall 2012.

Jeremiah IlgesI had a good chat with Regina Ciardiello, Editor of SMB Nation magazine while I was in Las Vegas. Regina wrote the Daily Gazette “newsletter” for the event.

In addition to the plug for next year’s SMB Nation conference, Regina gave us some information about SMB Nation staff member Jeremiah Ilges. Jeremiah suffers from aplastic anemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. Jeremiah is scheduled for his bone marrow transplant in a couple of weeks. A “10/10” match donor has been found.

Jeremiah’s family could use some financial assistance. So the folks at SMB Nation are encouraging everyone to contribute what they can at www.adoptourfamily.com.

Download the Interview with Regina Ciardiello now.


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