Manuel Palachuk Provides Top-Notch Coaching for MSPs

SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
Manuel Palachuk Provides Top-Notch Coaching for MSPs
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One of the reasons I love working with my brother Manuel is that he is AMAZING at defining and implementing successful processes. Earlier this year he started a new coaching program geared specifically toward Managed Service Providers.

Manuel PalachukManuel was the President of my MSP (KPEnterprises) for three years. After that he took a position as the outsourced Chief Operating Officer for an MSP in Florida. He turned their operation around and brought them four quarters in a row of profitability – something they had not had before.

Manuel has a great resource site at www.conceptualageconsulting.net. Check it out and review the programs he has available.

Just FYI: My coaching program is full and I have a waiting list. Trust me. You will miss NOTHING if you engage with Manuel. He is the best team leader I have ever seen. He is also amazing at defining and implementing processes. After all – he had primary responsibility for the 270 page checklist in the Network Migration Workbook!

Our mastery of ConnectWise, Autotask, Kaseya, and Contiuum (formerly Zenith) is due to Manuel’s leadership.

Download the Interview with Manuel Palachuk here.

You can also find him at:



If your company could use some personalized coaching to get to the next level, please contact Manuel today!

P.S., NO: I’m not just saying that because he’s my brother. I have five brothers. Each has skills. Some I promote, some I don’t. Manuel really is “the man” when it comes to getting your business pointed in the right direction.



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