Datto Destroys and Recovers a Machine Live at SMB Nation

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Datto Destroys and Recovers a Machine Live at SMB Nation
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Report from SMB Nation Fall 2012.

I was wandering past the Datto booth at SMB Nation and stopped to chat with Shannon Kohn, the Director of Marketing and Channel Relations. She invited me to watch them blow things up. We recorded a brief podcast.

Download the Interview with Shannon Kohn here.

Find out more about Datto at http://www.dattobackup.com.

After that, they did in fact destroy a machine. Here’s Shannon’s report:

The Datto team had a strong showing at the “Back to the Future” themed SMB Nation Fall event. As a Gold Sponsor, Datto was given a breakout session on Saturday that many attendees showed up for. The breakout, titled ‘Datto’s LIVE Disaster Demo’, was an interactive hardware destruction session that showcased their flagship business continuity solution, SIRIS. The Datto team put SIRIS to the test, performing both an instant local virtualization and an instant off-site virtualization in Datto’s cloud, right before the attendees eyes.

To make it clear that this was not just an act, Datto let audience members participate in the destruction of the computer hardware and the SIRIS device. Datto concluded the presentation by speaking to the importance of business continuity for SMBs and the benefits of implementing solutions that save companies from experiencing costly downtime.

Datto Disaster Demo 2

Datto Disaster Demo 1


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