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I talked to Bob Godgart from ChannelEyes (www.channeleyes.com) about what’s new with their cool channel partner tools.

The coolest new product – Channel Candy – is an app that allows vendors to create a branded partner app for smart phones. This will allow you to track the information and updates from your vendors. There will be some common controls from one vendor to another, but vendors will be able to customize as they see fit.

Bob Godgart Channel EyesIf you’re like me, you are a “partner” with 6-12 vendors. But, if you’re like me, you might visit each site once or twice a year. Channel Candy will allow vendors to create information channels so you can decide which information your receive. And the vendors can send you to their portal when there’s a program they really want you to see it.

Bob gives a lot more detail in the audio.

Download the Interview with Bob Godgart here.

You can join ChannelEyes and download the apps for free. Visit www.channeleyes.com.

While you’re there, you will also find a channel with my Small Biz Thoughts blog (thank you Channel Eyes!).

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