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SMB Community Podcast Reports from the SMB 150 Banquet 2012

SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast Reports from the SMB 150 Banquet 2012
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This article was originally posted May 18, 2012 on Cloud Services Roundtable.
Reports from the SMB 150 Banquet 2012


May 16th – Los Angeles – SMB Nation put on a nice banquet to celebrate the 2nd Annual SMB 150 Influencers. This was a great event. To be honest, this event started for me about lunchtime as I met with a series of great people that I don’t get to see very often.


Download the SMB 150 report now

On Friday I asked Harry Brelsford from SMB Nationto give us a brief report on the event. That’s included here. In fact, Harry kicks off the podcast.

While I was in Los Angeles, I interviewed a few folks. So those very short interviews are here as well. Interviewees include Denis Wilson, Terry VanWinkel, and Jerry Koutavas.

I do have to say that I was really impressed that people came all the way from the eastern side of the U.S. But I was more impressed with people who came from Canada, Brazil, the UK, and Australia. I’m not sure how Harry does this, but he really knows how to put on a community event!

And a tip of the hat goes to co-sponsor SMBTN for helping with every stage, including the voting process. Of course, a number of the SMB 150 are in SMBTN as they are strong contributors to the community.


I’m sorry sorry that many 150-ers could not make it. But I totally understand!



Downlodard SMB 150 Report



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