Podcast Posted: “Own the Clouds” with Joyce Blonskij

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Podcast Posted: "Own the Clouds" with Joyce Blonskij
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This article was originally posted January 10, 2012 on Cloud Services Roundtable

Interview: Joyce Blonskij – Own the Clouds: The First Guide To Investing In Cloud Computing Companies

I had a great interview with Joyce Blonskij, author of Own the Clouds – The First Guide To Investing In Cloud Computing Companies. This book will be released on January 31st, 2012. For more information on the big “Virtual Launch Party” and a bunch of free give-aways, see http://owntheclouds.com/.

Joyce’s book is a great introduction to stock market investing generally, but her focus is specifically on Cloud and Internet companies. The book provides a four-layer view of investing, starting with the highest level “clouds” – The most visible companies. The second layer addresses the small companies that are flying under the radar. The third layer is the middle management view of investing. And the fourth layer covers low-level “technical” investment techniques.

The book will be only $24.95, and that prices includes a number of give-aways you can find out about at see http://owntheclouds.com/.

Joyce will be donating all proceeds from this book to charities, including Kiwanis House.http://www.kiwanisfamilyhouse.org/

Members can download this recording right now and get the year started off right with an introduction to investing. It’s particularly cool to have such a great guide with a hook into our area of expertise. Check it out today.

Download the podcast here.


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