Podcast Posted: Interview with Dave Sobel of Level Platforms

SMB Community Podcast
SMB Community Podcast
Podcast Posted: Interview with Dave Sobel of Level Platforms
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This article was originally posted January 19, 2012 on Cloud Services Roundtable
This program was recorded and is posted here.


Dave Sobel Joins Level Platforms

Podcast posted – A free-flowing discussion with Dave Sobel.


I caught up with Dave this week while he is in London, in a sweet little flat he rents by the week. As you may know, Dave has been a powerful member of the SMB community for some time. He has been a leader in the Microsoft MVP space, in the virtualization and cloud computing world, in HTG, and in the community at large.

Dave recently sold his managed service business and accepted a job with Level Platforms






The book is Virtualization Defined – Now only $39.95

The DVD set is Designing, Implementing and Making Money with Virtual Environments – Now only $49.95

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