Freeday Friday US/UK Edition – March Podcast

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Freeday Friday US/UK Edition - March Podcast
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This article was originally posted March 16, 2012 on Cloud Services Roundtable.

First Freeday Friday March Podcast Posted – US/UK Edition


This program was recorded and is posted here.


UK Partner Challenged with Time Management. US Partner Wondering About Hiring Techs.

The first UK/US show went off pretty well. Lots of questions. Totally different topics from the Oceanic edition yesterday. We start out with a partner who desperately needs a PSA system. It’s actually pretty amazing how many problems are solved with the right PSA tool.

Plus he got a little tough love.

On hiring, we talked about Craigslist, Monster, Career Builder, temp agencies, and strategies for direct hire of part-time technicians.

I am so grateful to the community for their participation here. It really is exactly what I was looking for. I get tons of email and I sometimes end up answering questions six months later. I feel bad, but I can only do so much. This allows me to answer more questions in a shorter time frame. What I was hoping for with this dual show is that there would be a wide variety of topics. That’s exactly what we got.

Thank you to everyone who participated – especially the folks who put themselves out there with tough questions about their business. We are a community, and that means relying on each other for support at times.


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