Freeday Friday April US / UK Edition – Is SBS Essentials Right for My Business?

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This article was originally posted April 20, 2012 on Cloud Services Roundtable.

Freeday Friday April Podcast Posted – US / UK Edition


This program was recorded and is posted here.


Do I Really Need to Try to Sell SBS Essentials into My Client Base?

We had a good show today (45 minutes). Four people posted questions live and we had a good email question to kick us off. The kickoff question was, “Do I really need to sell SBS Essentials?” We talked about when it is and is not the right product to sell to specific clients.

Caller Ken asked a follow-up question: When to sell SBS Essentials and when to sell Foundation Server since they have so many features in common. . . . And lots more!

If you would like your question to be the start-off question, just send an email to[email protected]. Please put Freeday Friday in the subject line.

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Basically, I am offering free coaching advice to a very few people – live and free. The “price” for free advice is that other people get to listen in. The idea is that we all share some common challenges, so we might be able to learn from each other and address those challenges in similar ways. I’m not really a “coach” with a program to sell. I will sell some hours. But this one-to-many format allows me to get information out there and engage in the community.


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