Designing Successful Cloud Service Offerings With Microsoft SBS Essentials

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This article was originally posted May 11, 2012 on Cloud Services Roundtable.

Looking for a great combination of tools and practices for moving your smallest clients to The Cloud?

You’ve heard of SBS Essentials – But how do you build a business model around selling it with Cloud Services? And where does Managed Services fit in the picture?

Join me and Len DiCostanzo (Autotask SVP Community & Business Development) for a very practical and actionable look at making SBS Essentials a key part of your cloud offering. I’ll give a bit of a “quick start guide” that will get you moving in the right direction immediately.

And then we’ll talk about integrating that Cloud+SBS Essentials with Managed Services.

Register and get a big step up on the practical application of cloud services and managed services in the very-small client environment.

  • What is SBS Essentials and how does it fit in your solution stack?
  • Which cloud offerings make the most sense for getting started?
  • How does The Cloud work with Managed Services?
  • How can Autotask help autotmate and scale service delivery and drive revenue and profitability?

Find out more and Register free.


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